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Episode 5-Sudden Visits of Guests in Amsterdam-Part 5

It was already dark. My cousin, nephew and I were waiting for our meal. Unexpectedly, my friend came back and sat on the chair next to mine. He looked excited and vigorous. He picked a small diary out from his pocket and told that he collects the drawing and autography of his acquaintances. He asked me to draw anything and make an autography for him. Then, he requested same things to my cousin and nephew. My cousin, nephew and I did what he inquired and he kept it carefully. It was nearly 10.00 pm. We left the Turkish kebab restaurant. My cousin told me to see her at the same place the next day. My friend and I walked to Amsterdam central station.

My friend told me his plan briefly. He seemed to want to have more beer, but I was too tired to stay in Amsterdam. I persuaded him to go to Leiden and we could rest there. Hence, we were able to bind to Leiden.

When we arrived in Leiden near 11.00 pm, most stores were closed. He asked several pubs whether he can buy beer. However, it was rejected due to closing time. Fortunately, he found a small supermarket and was able to purchase two cans of beer with my aid. We bound to a square to have beer. He told me that he likes Holland several times.

As we walked to my student housing, he asked me how much money I had. He was not satisfied with a can of beer. Finally, he discovered a night bar opening until 2.00-3.00 am near my accommodation. Unless he found it out, I would not have known it for the rest of my life.


I had a small budget to buy two half pints of beer Heineken for us. We had a chat with the bartender in the bar. He was a Mexican Dutch citizen and has only lived in Leiden more than 15 years. My interest was the music in the bar, because I like Jazz & Blues. Whenever I listen to the music, in particular, in rainy day, I feel comfortable and relaxing.

We went out of the bar and I waited for him to finish his smoking. While we walked to my room, he repeated that he likes Leiden several times, of course, I agreed with him. I like Leiden. It belongs to the medium-sized and rarely quiet city in Holland. My friend, especially, liked the empty house near the canal under remodelling. There was a man’s face on the door. He may feel that it is artistic as a painter. He told me to remind him of taking its photos in the morning and I gave him a positive answer.

It was already 12.35 am when we returned to my room and mine is next to Café Olivier. My best friend liked to have more snacks and probably, beer. He found his money and went out. I gave him my Dutch mobile phone to call me as he came back to my accommodation. However, it was the beginning of weird night.

[To Be Continued…]

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