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De Blauwe Kamer

Need to refresh yourself from the hectic school days and never-ending reading materials? Feeling like going to the woods somewhere in the Netherlands?

Not to worry! Leiden is famous for its’ canals due to the proximity to the beach (at least that’s my theory…) but if you are interested to unwind and live the ‘country life’ in the Netherlands, you should visit central and eastern Netherlands.

This is the story of my visit to Ede-Wageningen. I went there to visit a friend, who was in the same scholarship batch as me. After strolling through the city centre of Wageningen, we decided to go venture a little bit further from the small town to a small park called De Blauwe Kamer. The park itself is located in a village called Rhenen, and it took me about 45 minutes to cycle to the village by bike from Wageningen. (Me and my friend were both Asians and we were pretty short compared to Caucasians, so probably it would take about 30 minutes if you were tall and you went by bike to the village).

Rhenen's view

Rhenen’s view

When we reached De Blauwe Kamer, I was so happy. It turned out to be a small park with a small beach overlooking the river. It was a very sunny day, so there were a few families who spent their afternoon on the beach. The kids were playing in the sand and the parents were chilling out.

We ventured further, and we reached a small forest. Turned out that De Blauwe Kamer was a small forest with several small ponds. There are a lot of things we can do here, from sun basking, cycling, forest trekking, even bird-watching and picnic. When I was there, there was a group of big family who were having their family picture taken in the forest. So hilarious and awesome! The forest was very lush (albeit the size), and I could get in touch with nature even though for just a short amount of time.

Deer-watching in a restaurant outside De Blauwe Kamer

Deer-watching in a restaurant outside De Blauwe Kamer

See the picture above? We could get in touch with wild deers while having an afternoon coffee in the restaurant located outside of the national park.

Bottom line, De Blauwe Kamer is a perfect place for you who need to get away from Leiden for a day trip to relax yourself. Wageningen is a great place too, for it gives you a totally different landscape and experience from the canals of Leiden. See it for yourself!

P.S.: These pictures were taken during the summer. It would be a different view on autumn, but I’m sure it will still be pretty…


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