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Episode 5-Sudden Visits of Guests in Amsterdam-Part 6

I lay on my bed and closed my eyes to wait for my mobile ringing. However, my friend did not return. I was concerned about him whether he already came back or lost his ways to my accommodation building. Suddenly, my Facebook messenger received his message that he is downstairs and he could not able to contact me with my Dutch mobile phone.

I checked time and it was indicating about 3.10 am. Immediately, I went out of my room and walked downstairs to the ground floor. There was not him but a girl with blond hair. I noticed that the grey cardigan on the step was his. I asked her if she saw my friend or not. She replied that my friend went to smoke outside and would return soon.

20150725_1041494While she and I were talking, my friend appeared. From my point of view, I felt that he looked tired. Fortunately, he was delighted to see me again and introduced the blond girl to me. She asked for me to open the middle door to the corridor, because she forgot to take her key card when she went out. I opened it for her and she ran fast to her room in the middle of the corridor. My friend told that it was her leaving day. She was scheduled to leave her room around 8.00 in the morning.

My friend told the story of his little adventure from night to dawn. According to him, he returned to the building, but his phone did not work, because it had the wrong number. I had pressed my mobile number, but number 9 was not pressed. Hence, it was the reason why he was not able to contact me.

He went to the rear gate of the building and met the blond girl. She was one of tenants but forgot to take her key card. It was like 007’s licence to kill. Without key cards, tenants are same as aliens, because they could not enter their rooms.

My friend talked her and explained his status. At first, she was her on guard against my friend. Later, she lowered her guard against him. Probably, it was cold in the end of July in Leiden. They decided to go to the garden of Café Olivier. The garden was shared by tenants and the café.

20150726_1457479A staff member found them and made them leave the garden due to closing time. They explained their situation and asked him to open the door for them. Presumably, he doubted them but kindly, opened the entrance door for them on the ground floor. My smart friend reminded of Wi-Fi and sent me the urgent message. This is the restoration of his adventure based on his story.

It was already 4.15 am when he finished telling his story. Consequently, I told him to sleep for a while until 8.00 am and prepared his place on the floor around 4.35 am. He must be tired; otherwise I was not able to his snoring for several hours in the morning.

[To Be Continued…]

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