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Norway in a Nutshell

Continuing my previous post about my spontaneous trip to Norway, this is definitely the highlight of it all! If you go to Norway you definitely cannot miss the fjords, and one way to do it is to take the famous Norway in a Nutshell tour. It is almost a DIY trip where they give you all the necessary tickets for transportation and you simply follow suit, alone or with friends. I chose to start and end the tour in Bergen, another must-go destination in Norway, in fact I would recommend skipping Oslo and fly straight to Bergen from Amsterdam. Oslo is just a typical European city and Bergen is where all the natural beauties are. So my tour costs 1220 NOK (around 130 EUR ) which includes train, bus and fjord cruise along the Norwegian fjords. You can buy it online in advance here, or visit the tourist office in Oslo and Bergen.

All the rides in the tour is absolutely scenic and very interesting, what I love about it is that they always have English narration, even the bus driver also acts as semi-tour guide and gives you information on places that you pass by. All legs of the tour are fascinating and have beautiful sights, but I personally enjoyed the bus ride from Voss to Gudvangen the most as we drove on the mountain and the road is very narrow and steep yet we could stop right along the slope of the mountain to enjoy the scenery, a very thrilling experience. The Flam railway is also very nice, apparently one that Norway is very proud of.

download (31)

download (29)

download (30)

Bergen itself is adorable. A beautiful little town with typical Scandinavian houses, even McDonalds there looks very Scandinavian!

download (28)

download (22)

The only downside is that it rains a lot in Bergen, so you should feel very lucky if you have one whole day full of sun, otherwise make sure you carry an umbrella because it will rain occasionally during the day. Definitely visit Bryggen, the area in front of the port.

download (20)

There are many interesting shops there and the architecture itself is worth a lot of photos. There is also this fish market nearby where you can enjoy fresh sea food.

download (18)

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Again, prices here will make your wallet cry, so those Norwegian hotdogs can be your friends. There is one hotdog stand near McDonalds which sells gourmet hotdogs and they taste really good. I even tried the reindeer sausage which is kinda cool 😛

download (27)

All in all, Norway is definitely a place for you to find peace in nature. Don’t be intimated by the price, try to be there for once!

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