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Rrrollend around The Hague

What is the best way to cure a hangover you say?

My answer will be: Food Truck Festival! (Speaking from recent experience…)

This was a three day event that started on a Friday and went on throughout the weekend, called Rrrollend.

I wasn’t in The Hague for the most part of Friday and Saturday but this was the perfect Sunday activity!

Food Truck 1

We had already agreed with friends before going to the event that we would try as much food as we could! To do so, most things we got, we split in half in order to have many different kinds of food rather than simply too much food.

Oh and there were also live performances by so many great artists, including a graduate of our program that is BA International Studies! Caroline Krijnen who was wonderful on stage!

We had delicious hotdogs, hamburgers, burritos and tacos…

Food Truck 2

Oh and we also had Minion ice cream!

Food Truck 3

Our plan was to come back to the grounds for a late dinner, but we had eaten so much that we will have to wait for the next Food Truck Festival in order to try the Woks, falafels, Indian grill and many others that were on my list! And by many others I mean many others as there were 39 trucks!! 39!!

Here is the link to the past event however these events are organized all around the country so you can pick one of the many options and maybe even turn it into a city tour!

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