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Tree climbing; have you tried it?

It’s finally not raining in The Hague these days, so we’re all a bit disoriented… Not used to think about outdoor activities at all indeed…

So, it’s sunny and you forgot about what you can do to enjoy the weather? Forget about going to the movies, playing indoor squash, visiting museums and lazily chilling at home: go tree climbing!


Fun Forest has four climbing parks and one of them is just one hour away from The Hague, located in beautiful surroundings. See map here

You will pay 22 euros for three hours of fun, but it is worth it! As good weather is rare in The Netherlands, you better enjoy it while it lasts…

I, myself, hesitated to go as I am scared of heights but I thought it would be a nice challenge, and a good workout… Well, I was right: I am still sore three days later. But, do not let this discourage you from trying this! I really enjoyed the experience and overcame my fears! At times, it was very difficult I have to admit… I almost gave up at some point in the track. Yes, you can do that; you just have to scream “Red Helmet!” and the staffs will come and rescue you! However, I persevered and managed to finish three climbing tracks. Impressive, right?

Not too reassured as you can see!

Not too reassured as you can see!

In fact, you do have a large choice of climbing tracks. There are seven different tracks with increasing levels of difficulty. The first one is for children, and in order to do the seventh one you need further training from the instructor (will take about 10 minutes). In three hours, I had enough time to do tracks 4, 5 and 6. I would probably have started with number 2 if it had been my own choice but with your boyfriend motivating and coaching you, anything is possible! Indeed, we are all capable of climbing all of the tracks; it is just about feeling safe and confident enough.

My favorite part was I got to act like Tarzan! Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of myself!

My favorite part was I got to act like Tarzan! Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of myself!

I would really recommend you to go there and try it out! It is a good way to spend the day close to nature enjoying the sunlight. And you can combine it with eating at a restaurant in Rotterdam afterwards. If you do go or have tried this before, do not forget to share your own experience in a comment below 😉

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