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Field trips part 2

As part of the minor Biodiversity and Natural Environment at Leiden (2015-16), one module involves a field trip to Zeeland.


The module is called Small-scale patterns of biodiversity and a large part of it is focused on marine species sampling. The first week involves lectures and gives an overview of marine biodiversity, in particular that of The Netherlands. The second week is more applied and students get an opportunity to practice marine sampling themselves, as well as planning for a field trip to Zeeland (in the South of The Netherlands).


Using equipment at Leiden’s Van Steenis building to prepare for the fieldtrip

The trip to Zeeland is very self-led – students work in groups to design their own research question which revolves around field work.


DIY lab work – a bathroom covers as water quality testing area

During the week in Zeeland students stay in a house near the coast, and groups take turn to cook the dinner and to prepare breakfast. In the day, most groups are either visiting different sites around the province, taking marine samples at various locations of harbors, or specifying species which were not identified in the field.


Unidentified species tagged and numbered

Experienced biologists join the trip so plenty of advice is at hand if needed!

Check out the link to the minor at the top of the page if interested.


Fieldwork at the harbour



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