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Colmar trip: One day in a fairy tale

It is not difficult at all to find a place in Europe that looks exactly like in a fairy tale, but there are some places that are a bit more beautiful than the others. Colmar is one of them. It was always at the top of my travel list because, one, well it’s exceptionally beautiful judging from the pictures I found on the Internet and two, it inspired Hayao Miyazaki to produce Howl’s Moving Castle! As an avid Ghibli fan, my life would not be complete if I don’t get to visit the place.

Luckily enough my dream was fulfilled last summer when my mom visited me and that was our very first destination. I am writing this now because I think it will be even greater to visit Colmar during Christmas time. You could imagine how even more magical it is! The good thing is that Colmar is very close to Strasbourg (only 30 minutes by train) – home to one of the most famous Christmas markets. So you can stay in Strasbourg and go to Colmar the next day.

Last time, I took an Easyjet flight to Basel airport, from there I took a bus to St. Louis Station and boarded the train there to go to Strasbourg. That sounds a bit complicated but everything’s very clear once you get there. I think you can also take the train from the Netherlands but that will take a long time and sometimes the train ticket can  be more expensive than flying. But all up to you!

My mother and I didn’t have a lot of things to do in Strasbourg except for exploring La Petite France area. But I’m sure it will be much more fun in Christmas. The next day we took the train to Colmar (no need to buy tickets beforehand) and voila, we entered a fairy tale! It was really as beautiful as we expected it to be. I feel like my English is not enough so I will let the pictures speak for themselves ^^

download (16)

Colmar is also known as the Venice of France ^^ Don’t miss the chance to travel through the canal by boat! It costs 9 EUR per person and the trip takes around 30 minutes.

download (17)

This is straight out of a fairy tale. I remember the boat driver told me when a girl gets married the windows of the house will be marked specifically so that the groom can find his way 😛

download (18)

This is the building that appears in Howl’s Moving Castle! The name is Maison Pfister.

download (19)

Such a beautiful day when we were there

download (20)

This feels so surreal!

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