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Original Market Leiden

As winter comes and the notorious Dutch weather starts to have less mercy on us, Leiden seems to be not very lively lately. I don’t anticipate weekends as much as before, because 1) I have done with all my classes and mostly 2) it is always raining during the whole weekends nowadays. Luckily enough last Saturday we had a short glimpse of the sun, and I knew I had to take this opportunity to finally get out of the house to breathe some fresh air. Very fresh, and cold, air. It was a happy coincidence that the Original Market was also held on that day; having been to a lot of different kinds of outdoor markets before in the Netherlands, I was still a tiny bit excited to go nonetheless. It’s like a much more comfortable type of window-shopping, especially for students like us.

Knowing how most markets is like, I don’t have a lot of high expectations. The Original Market is similar to pretty much every other market out there, just that here they sell handmade stuff. It was also a bit small in size though, as the stalls did not fill up the whole yard of Museum Volkenkunde. It took me 15 minutes to walk pass all the stalls, and what a pity that I did not find anything interesting enough to buy. They are still nice to look at anyways. And it’s probably because of the cold that it was not very crowded. Well, til next time. It’s always fun to have markets of this type so we can just cross by while strolling through a lovely day in Leiden!

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