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Christmas spirits of Leiden

It’s that jolly time of the year again! I know about Christmas, I mean, who doesn’t? But I probably don’t know about the real Christmas. Being in Asia my whole life I’m more familiar with the commercialized Christmas where everyone takes that as an excuse to go out and have fun. So I am really anticipating my very first, real Christmas here in Leiden 🙂

It won’t be long until the holiday, but the Christmas spirits are already all around. I have to say I am not exactly getting used to this atmosphere yet, because in all the countries that I have lived in, especially Korea, Christmas is like… right at your face. There would be fancy decorations, huge Christmas trees and radiant illuminations everywhere. While in Leiden, it is still very peaceful and calm as always. But I guess that is the real Christmas. It’s just a family holiday, it’s part of the culture and you don’t need to shout it out in order to fully enjoy it. I think I like it that way a little better though, because the Christmas spirits in Leiden is …just like Leiden. Lovely and cozy.

And what is Christmas without a Christmas market? I know our neighbor Germany has more famous Christmas markets, but we have our very own on here in Leiden as well. The market will be opened until December 20, so make sure you catch a bright sunny day to visit the Leiden Kerstmas!

There’s even an ice rink at the market! The Dutch are in love with ice-skating, so if you have never done it before, try it out!

download (28)

My favorite thing to do at Christmas is to spot the Christmas trees and window layouts of the shops. Leiden has some pretty cool ones!

It’s 10 days until Christmas! I hope everyone has had a wonderful year here in Leiden 🙂

One comment on “Christmas spirits of Leiden

  1. mandala56
    December 16, 2015

    Thanks for posting these photos! I didn’t know Leiden had a Christmas market!

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