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Pigging out in Barcelona

Barcelona was one of my must-go places in my Europe travel agenda. It was.

I finally managed to go to Barcelona at the beginning of December, and I have to say that my expectation for Barcelona might be a little too high. I mean, everyone’s been saying good things about this city. But as I traveled there for 5 days, I came to the conclusion that Barcelona is a better place to live in, than to travel to. Things were good, for sure, only that my friends and I could not think of any more places to visit after… 2 days. Maybe it’s just us, but I feel like as a travel destination Barcelona is not really a place for sightseeing, but more for eating and shopping. Needless to say, we spent most of the time getting lost in Zara and drown in seafood 😛

You aren’t in Barcelona if you don’t go to Zara 😛 Zara in Spain is the cheapest in the world, obviously because that is its home, so you should definitely not miss this opportunity to treat yourself a little bit of a shopping frenzy. I would recommend doing your shopping in Passeig de Gracia, a wonderful neighborhood, plus you can visit 2 of the most famous Gaudi-designed buildings there as well!

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Barcelona has a lot to do with seafood, so we found ourselves eating delicious, fresh seafood almost every day. You have to spend at least half a day in the famous La Boqueria and try out all the food. If you rent a fully furnished apartment, it’s even better to buy the fresh seafood in the market and take it back to cook it at home. And also stuff yourself with lots and lots of fruits and fresh juices here, you can’t find one that cheap in the Netherlands 🙁

Traveling to Barcelona from the Netherlands is quite convenient, and more affordable than many other European countries as well. I would say 3 days are quite enough to enjoy the city; nonetheless, you may probably find other charming parts of Barcelona that I didn’t!

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