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Winter in Holland: Skiing, Sledding, Ice-skating

Nothing is impossible in The Netherlands;

and the fact that there are neither hills nor mountains and the oceanic winter climate Foto 1(1)rarely passes below zero are absolutely no excuse not to do winter sports in our country. I mean, ice-skating platforms can often be found in Europe, so seeing a tent with an ice-rink did not surprise me very much as the Dutchies are well-known for their ice skating love!

Off we went, took my entire floor from the student housing and had a fantastic time skating in a circle and of course ended with a “warme chocomelk” (hot chocolate).


However, the next attraction I saw at Scheveningen beach was more disturbing: They put up a hill/slide – higher than the pier – wrapFoto 4(1)ped it in something that shall represent snow – there it is: Dutch kids can now also experience sledding … so, this is the future of climate change when there no longer will be snow? Of course, we also had to try this one. Overall, I need to admit, it wasn’t even that bad: well, it was a bit short and it seemed quite weird to sled without gloves and getting white, but it indeed was good fun and ended with one of the most amazing appeltaart and coffee I’ve ever had at the pier.


Lastly, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was standing in front of this “attraction” and Foto 2burst out into laughing (also I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry…). Skiing … in Holland … outside … now you are going to far my friends! They put up a sloped conveyor and people tried to ski! On this rolling band.. well, I might just not comment further – eventually a good practice to get ready for the big adventure: “the indoor skiing hall”. This however, I did refuse to try!


Overall, it is always fascinating to see how my Dutch friends make everything possible … And to be honest, it might be quite fun. But for me, skiing belongs to the mountains and when I’m in Holland, a nice walk or cycle along the dunes is also a great way to spend the Saturday…!

Enjoy your winter – wherever you are! And don’t forget to check out these ones at Scheveningen in case you are in NL 🙂

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