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Sunny with a chance of oliebollen

It seems like Dutch weather has decided to have mercy with us and now we are having a beautiful sunny day at the very end of the year 2015. Surely it is one of the most important days of the year, as we bid farewell to the oud and keep our arms wide open to welcome the nieuw that awaits us.

However since I am an Asian, I have to say that the Lunar New Year is more meaningful and gives me more emotions. It’s like a reflexive thing – somehow I don’t feel like the new year is going to start yet. Much to my surprise, as I got out the the house yesterday and slowly walked through the Nieuw Rijn, I had this very weird and… interesting feeling. I felt that new year is really coming ahead!

I came across several articles written about Dutch traditions on New Year’s Eve, and on top of the list is always eating oliebollen. I didn’t buy into it at first – “maybe it’s an old tradition and people don’t really do it nowadays?” I mean, stuffing yourself with a lot of sugar… But I was wrong! I saw street stalls and bakeries selling this cute fried donut thingy everywhere, or at least all around the center of Leiden. And people are really buying it! (I sound so much like a tourist…) Even when the sellers stand really close to each other, they were all surrounded by a lot of customers. As I walked into Hoogvliet at around 5pm, the packs of oliebollen were almost sold out. So it is the oliebollen that made me feel oddly excited and festive 😛

Anyhow, the new year is starting tomorrow regardless of whether I “feel like it” or not. It’s been a wonderful year for me, being able to come to Leiden and start my blogging “career” at TheLeidener. I hope you will continue to follow us because we will continue to write and strive our best to deliver the amazing aspects of being a Leidener to our amazing readers. 🙂

Happy new year everyone!



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