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Thrift Shopping at Ij-Hallen

Hi there!

I didn’t go anywhere during the winter break because I wanted to save money for my upcoming projects. However, when a friend asked me to go to Ij-Hallen a.k.a. the biggest flea market in Amsterdam, I could not resist.

After a year living in the Netherlands, I begin to understand the love of vintage stuffs by the Dutch. There have been several vintage markets in Leiden, however Ij-Hallen in Amsterdam is my favorite. It is so big, and so hipster, and so cheap!

I have been here twice. Last month and last week. Last month, I got a few stuffs for under 10 euros such as winter hat for 3 euros, a very fancy woolen scarf for 10 euros, and a hoodie for 2 euros. I could not find my chill. This month’s theme is ‘New Room Decoration’ so I mostly focused on buying some cool and cheap decoration for my new room which I will occupy next week.

Here are the pictures of the things being sold in Ij-Hallen! This month I saw a lot of vintage tin cans and vintage tea cups. I really wanted to buy them all, probably I will do it next month!


Selections of Royal Albert tea cups for only 7.5 euros


Vintage coffee, sugar and tea cans, along with other stuffs


Childhood revisited: Donald Duck comics!


Delft blue porcelain for sale. Anyone?

I went home happy because I bought some decorations for my new room. They were 5 figurines of different cartoon characters (Smurf, Donald Duck, the Martian, one of the dwarves from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and Winnie the Pooh) for 3.5 euros only, and a very pretty Albert Heijn coffee tin can for 5 euros.

Who wants to join me for another thrift shopping adventure next month in Ij-Hallen?

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