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It’s time for tulips!

I mean, what could be more Dutch than having a entire day for the national to celebrate the beauty of a flower? Yes, there is such a thing. Yesterday was National Tulip Day, as locals and tourists alike flocked to Amsterdam to get some free tulips!

When I told people I had to go to Amsterdam despite the cold to see the tulips because it was National Tulip Day in the Netherlands, everyone laughed. I just think it’s a really lovely idea and I probably won’t be able to experience this anywhere else. So even though it was freezing I still decided to make the trip to Amsterdam no matter what. Luckily, the weather was quite on my side when I was lining up to get inside to see (and pick) the tulips.

On my way from the station I already saw people holding a bunch of tulips and I was getting really excited. The event started at 1 pm and when I got there at around 2 the line already circled around the Dam Square. It seemed like everyone loved this idea as well.

As I got inside the tulips were gone significantly and people were already busy picking up their tulips of their favorite colors. But I still got a sense that it is like a temporary massive tulip garden, a really colorful and pretty ones.

I haven’t seen “proper” tulips for almost a year, so even though I didn’t plan to take any of the tulips home in the end I still went with the flow and picked one for every color.


Just look at these colors. Such a great way to warm up a freezing winter day!

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