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My favorite dining places in Leiden

The cost of living in Europe makes eating out quite a luxury for many students, especially those who come from developing countries like me. The Netherlands and Leiden are no exception. Nonetheless, even though I can still afford to go to a restaurant every once in a while to celebrate special occasions, it is not always easy to find a decent place with good food and good price here. People often say that the food scene in Leiden is not very lively, and if you decide to go out to eat you should go all the way to The Hague to make it more worth it. That sounds a bit sad because I love staying in Leiden and do not want to pay the extra money for train tickets. Luckily enough, after 1 year I managed to find some nice dining spots in Leiden!

1.Oudt Leyden

I’m pretty sure this is the to-go restaurant every time people have visitors. Everyone wants a taste of traditional Dutch food, and that is a bit… you know :P, so this is the best bet. I have actually dined here several times because I really love their pancakes, plus the pancakes are served in giant Delf plates so it really elevates the experience. The price is quite inexpensive too, given that one pancake is more than enough for dinner!


I strongly recommend the apple and bacon pancake!

2. Donatello’s

This is definitely a student-friendly restaurant. Or more precisely student’s wallet-friendly πŸ˜› You get really decent Italian food with really decent price. The pizzas (really tasty one!) here only range from 8-10 EUR and the portion is also large. I think if you haven’t dined here once you are not really a student in Leiden πŸ˜›


This is actually called “healthy pizza” πŸ˜›

3. Beans and Bagels

A perfect place for a lazy Sunday brunch, or just any time of the week! I have the best bagel and the best cream cheese of my life here πŸ˜› What I really like about Beans and Bagels is that everything here is organic and the menu they have is very healthy. Don’t miss out on the drink section because you can find really delicious and healthy smoothies; and the best thing is, they have soy matcha latte! (Let me remind you how crazy about matcha I am and how difficult it is to find matcha in Europe). This is also the cheapest place to eat among the three, but your stomach will be equally happy πŸ˜›


Such a beauty

So, have you found your favorite places to eat in Leiden? πŸ˜€

4 comments on “My favorite dining places in Leiden

  1. Niki
    January 21, 2016

    My husband and I ate at one of the Pubs, Bad Habits.

    The burgers were delicious! πŸ™‚

  2. Stefano Mattia (@stm4tt)
    January 21, 2016

    Jacketz, VIP for pizza, Fresh’n’Fast for burgers, the spare-rib Sunday’s special at Einstein, Tapa Thai and Tokyo Kitchen for take-away, all in the 10-15 price range for a decent dinner

  3. Crystal@TheLeidener
    February 8, 2016

    Bunga Mas for Indonesian authentic food and Bakker van Maanen for breakfast (2.90 euro for a croissant and a choice of several coffee and tea)!

  4. cecio69
    March 24, 2016

    Fantastic real Italian take away pizza at Mauro’s pastry, Diefsteeg! The pizzaman is Italian … only 6 euro for a HUGE margherita pizza!

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