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Eating out: Casual Japanese food in The Hague

Back to this eating out series! I always think twice when I feel like eating out and if I decide to do so I usually go to The Hague so that I can combine shopping and eating in a day. Last week was my farewell to a friend who went back to her home country (yes it’s that time of the year :() so we went to The Hague to hang out one last time together. It was a bit hard to figure out where to eat (it always is!) but I suddenly remembered about this Japanese restaurant called SET I came across in Rotterdam and after a Google search it turned out they are a chain and there is also one in The Hague. Then Japanese food it is!

I often thought that the only way to eat Japanese food is to do those buffets from ShabuShabu or Sumo, which are quite pricey. But it seemed like we came to just the right place! It is a really a casual Japanese restaurant that you can find a lot in Japan, with reasonably-priced and… casual food.

What I really like about this restaurant is its interior. It’s really Japanese.

My friend ordered ramen and I had one of their lunch sets (very attractive price)!


Look at the anime characters in the wooden palettes!

The ramen is pretty average but the teriyaki beef is really good. We also shared a glass of plum wine which in my opinion is a bit stronger than the ones I usually had in Japan.

All in all, this is a good option for you to consider. Plus you just have to visit their toilets for a nice surprise! 😛

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