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A new semester, two new studies and a new student job: welcome to the second semester of the 15/16 Academic Year. I am super motivated and ready to take on all challenges that the new courses have to offer. There are a few things to do though before the adventure begins:

Get new notebooks: Three of them to be precise: one for Stats, one for Clinical and one for my Thesis. The right gear will keep me motivated. I hope.


Geared up for the new semester.

Create new folders on my hard drive (and maybe run a backup?)

Find the Blackboard modules: Blackboard is a platform that most course coordinators use to make additional information available to their students. The first articles and reading lists are already online as well as important info about the course administration (Am I allowed to miss a class? Answer: yes, one if you make up for it with an assignment. What is exam material? Answer: this is a Master course, so everything is relevant! How is the course graded? Answer: 50% assignment, 50% poster presentation).

Sell and buy study books: facebook is your best friend and doesn’t charge you for selling your old study books. I am also selling books via sometimes, especially if I want to get rid of them right away and not wait for the course to be offered again next year. Buying books is sometimes easy (facebook again) and sometime tricky, especially if you want to spend as little as possible in the process. and marktplaats are the obvious ones for second hand books. Then there is and for Clinical books. And the study associations also sell books (Labyrint for Psychology). Sometimes they are the cheapest, sometimes not. If you order on, you don’t have to pay shipping, so this is also worth a try. I am extremely lucky this semester though, my study books are available as e-books via the university library. Yay!

Facebook: find the groups that belong to your study. I had to contact a study mate via the International Students/Science Faculty group to get the link to my Stats group. Your groups might be easier to find. They are definitely worth the frequent notifications and can give you a head-start.

2 comments on “Blank Pages

  1. ANA
    October 9, 2016

    Hi , daniela! I’m really excited to start university in september 2017. I am thinking between Vrije university of Amsterdam and Leiden!!! I wanna study psychology (bachelor) and hopefully minor in neuropsychology. I was wondering what could you tell me about the programme and maybe which university should I choose. I really wanna know more about this programme and about Leiden .Please,Contact me at :

    • Daniela@theleidener
      October 11, 2016

      Hi Ana, will you join the Open Day on 15th October (or one of the other Events (Student for a Day or Experience Psychology Day)) ? These are perfect occasions to get all your questions answered by one of the current students. Or you can contact Neil, the student ambassador :
      About the minor: check the studiegids/ e-prospectus for all Minors that are offered (one of which a Minor in Brain and Cognition):

      I hope this helps!

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