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So here we go: the Science faculty welcomes the new international students. I am not new to Leiden but technically new to the Science faculty (the Media Technology courses I took during my Bachelor don’t count) so I was also invited to the Introduction Day.

The day started well: everyone got a T-Shirt, yay, a nice souvenir and we didn’t even start class yet. After what felt 50 group pictures were taken, the coordinator from the International Office gave us some information about the faculty and we were welcomed by IMG_20160127_194504a bunch of nice people (professors and students).

With a subgroup of about 6 Maths and Stats students, we got the grand tour through Gorlaeus and Snellius buildings. After a pit-stop at the study advisors’ offices, we got to meet “our” study association: The Leidsche Flesch. They had a really good deal: 5 euro for a membership until the end of the stay (no matter if that is in 6 months or 2 years). Most of us signed up and I guess we will earn that money back by drinking coffee in the common room and attending the next BBQ.

This year is the lustrum year (jubilee year) of the Science Faculty, so they celebrate. One of the events: The Science Gala (got loosely translated into “Science Prom”, I am not sure if that translation was intentional though) in about two weeks. And what can I say: the day continued as good as it started and I actually won a ticket to the Prom in the Bingo game we played during lunch (thanks again to everyone who helped me out with providing details such as “I have a cat at home” or “I once did an internship in London”).

I am science-d and ready for some serious studying!

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