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Trust the system.

After the Science introduction day, the Psychology registration took place. Most international students had anyways attended OWL a day earlier and already new their way around, so the entire morning was a more matter of fact affair. The director of studies welcomed us and introduced the faculty and the Psychology programs in Leiden. I found it interesting that he mentioned ethical points such as “do not plagiarize” or “remember, you are training to be a Psychologist, so don’t share confidential information”. To me, it seems a natural thing, but being reminded about academic and professional integrity is always good, I guess. He also assured us that everyone will be able to register for their mandatory courses and that we should “Trust the system”.

The two study associations (SPS NIP and Labyrint) of Psychology introduced themselves afterwards. SPS NIP is actually the student platform of the national psychologists’ association (NIP Nationale Institut voor Psychologen). Labyrint on the other hand is the local association. Then all students that already studied in Leiden for their Bachelor degree were sent out to have a coffee and chat in the hallway, while the international students and new students from other parts of the country were introduced to “usis” (course administration system) and the registration procedure.

During the session of the Clinical Neuropsychology track, I met the few students that also start in February.


Trusting “the system”

We found out that there are three international students starting in February 2016. The organizers and coordinators of the courses and internships introduced themselves and invited us for the “Neuropsychology Lunch” (which is BoB/ Bring your own Bread) next week. They also announced a special session about Internships and Thesis possibilities for international students later that week. And then the actual registration took place. All Master students of Psychology have a window of 3 hours to register for their classes and workgroups. So you really have to make sure that you know what to register for and which code to use in usis, if not you might end up with a workgroup at a really inconvenient time. If you are lucky though and click the right buttons the magic is over within 2 minutes time. For me, everything went well and I left the FSW library with a bag full of nice sounding courses. Trusting the system absolutely worked for me that day. I’ll keep on doing that for now!

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