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Leiden life in a nutshell

So, according to studielink, my enrollment in Leiden University will be terminated today. In other words, starting from tomorrow I will no longer be a Leiden student, which feels a bit sad. But just a little bit, because I know I have had a wonderful year in Leiden and I am extremely grateful that I was given this amazing opportunity to study in the Netherlands and experience a life that I would never have imagined before. My year has not been very eventful, but I also love that, because it is just like the atmosphere in Leiden, calm and peaceful and makes you enjoy everyday without the need to be really dramatic. I feel like there were always ups, and rarely any downs.Β For once I thought I did not really achieve anything here, but come to think of it, I have certainly achieved quite a few things. Even though they are not big, but surely they mean a lot. πŸ™‚

Overcome myself

After graduating from college, I was quite confident in my study ability. But I have to say that master’s program is a whole new different level compared to the things we learned in college. It’s a lot more about individual work: reading, researching and writing by yourself. You don’t have to go to class that often, but the workload is twice or three times that of a undergraduate. The biggest challenge is definitely the thesis – the longest paper I have ever written and probably will ever write in my entire life πŸ™‚ I still feel quite amazing that I was able to finish it so much earlier than most of my friends, and the result was quite satisfactory. As a truth, I was really stressed and thought I would never be able to do it even before I started writing. But I made it and I am very proud of myself. Just don’t give up and always believe you can do it!

Travel around Europe (and a part of Africa)

This is definitely a perk of studying in Europe, and given the geography of the Netherlands traveling to other European countries is even more convenient. I think I have probably done enough traveling for my entire life just in one single year πŸ˜› By the time I leave the Netherlands I will have traveled to 13 European countries and 1 African one! That is also something to tell my kids in the future! Don’t hesitate to just hop to another country when you have time, because for some of us this is really an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With careful planning you can do a lot of trips at a very low cost!

Become a blogger of TheLeidener

If there are a few highlights of my year in Leiden this has to be one of them. I really enjoy writing my blogposts and hope that you enjoy reading them too πŸ™‚ Being a blogger surely brings a lot of benefits. Apart from the practical ones, I think the most meaningful benefit is that it really helps me with writing my papers πŸ˜› For me, the most difficult part of writing a paper is … to start it. So writing regularly, writing just anything regularly, will make you become less scared of writing and really stimulate your writing ability. It’s also wonderful to share with you my experiences, my travel tips, or just simply my trivial “complaints.”

It’s been a great, great year to me. And I’m going to miss my time in Leiden a lot as I will soon has to go back to reality and face the harshness of the working world. I just hope that you will enjoy Leiden as much as I did, and wish you all happiness and success in your future endeavors. Be a proud Leidener!



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  1. Nick T.
    February 5, 2016

    Thank you – we wish you happiness and success too!

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