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Thesis Revision

Technically, I was supposed to graduate last month. However, on the second week of January, I received an e-mail from my supervisor that said my thesis was not perfect enough to be graded, and thus I could not graduate on January.

Disappointed? Damn right I was! However, after scheduling a meeting with my supervisor, I understood where I got wrong and decided to get back on my feet. My supervisor was very supportive too. He pointed out things that I missed out for my thesis and supported me that I could revise it within two months.

Yes, he gave me two months time to revise my thesis until early March. I had to hand in my final draft on the last week of February so he could grade it until March. He told me that I could graduate on March.

I was thrilled and super inspired. After the meeting, I went straight home and planned a study plan to revise my thesis. I set out new deadlines for myself.

The result?

At first, I broke down. I worked nonstop for a week, felt very exhausted on Wednesday of that week, and on Friday I broke down and cried. This was harder than I previously thought it would be. Thank goodness I have a line-up of supportive people whom I could always trust and who always offer their shoulders to cry on. From them, I learn that I should not overwork myself, and thus I set out a new rule: no studying and revising from Friday evening to Sunday evening. I realize my body needs some time to re-adjust and relax on the weekends.

Last week, I sent another revision to my supervisor. I was worried at first because he did not reply until three days because he always replied within two days. Finally, after three days, he replied me by saying that he did not have any comments left for my previous revision I sent him. I was super happy and over the moon because my revision was done! I sent a reply to him saying that I would hand in my first draft on the last week of February, which he replied with “Good luck with the home stretch!”

I have another 14 days (or 10 working days) to finish my thesis. This is nearly the finish line. I can see the end line from here, I just have to work harder to reach it!


I hope I won’t end up like this…

5 comments on “Thesis Revision

  1. Chloe@theleidener
    February 17, 2016

    Good luck!

  2. Xueyan@TheLeidener
    February 21, 2016

    Best of luck Crystal! Master’s thesis is a great challenge (I just started my thesis seminar. #scared); I hope you can get it done smoothly and graduate in March!

    March 16, 2016

    I really enjoyed the comic at the end. Hope you’ll get great results from your thesis! 😉

  4. Crystal@TheLeidener
    March 24, 2016

    Hey guys,

    I have graduated!!!

    • Margaret
      September 6, 2016

      I am so happy for you! Congratulations! This post is so relative I just can’t find words. My supervisor asked me to make a revision. And unlike you I wasn’t inspired at all even at first because I was so tired and me Dad even asked if I was pregnant because I was crying a lot over the stupidiest things, can you believe it? And now I feel like crying again because you graduated and I am so happy for you! Five minutes ago I was angry at my friend because she wrote her thesis with a help of a writing service (like this one ) and she was lying to me all this time saying she is working on her thesis. But you are my spark of hope. I hope I will do my best and graduate! Thanks, Crystal, for inspiration!

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