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The 4 Seasons of the Haagse Bos

This past winter has been surprisingly tame – in a good way. It really sneaked by, at least for me. I managed not to catch a cold – or the blues! – so I thought I’d commemorate the end of it with some shots I’ve taken in the Hague forest (Haagse bos) over the four seasons!



Winter is the least popular time to visit the forest, but it can still be very beautiful! The air is crisp and the fog often rolls in, creating a dreamy atmosphere.




Spring is a wonderful time because it feels as if the entire forest let out a sigh of relief that winter has passed. Everything is green, vibrant, and fresh. Adorable rabbits can be seen hopping around.



Summer brings long, sunny days to the forest. It’s the best time to lay on the grass and look out onto the big ponds (or are they little lakes?).




My absolute favorite season in the forest. Everything is in shades of orange, yellow, and red. Perfect for long walks on crunchy leaves.

The Haagse bos is a long stretch of forest in the middle of the city. One of the entrances is right by the Central station, making it the perfect place for a walk between classes or on the weekend. There is something very healing about being surrounded by nature, so I advise anyone stressed over studies or life in general to come here for a while and watch your worries fade away. 

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