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You won the lottery……

….if you are starting a study in Bio-Chemistry, Chemistry or Physics this September. Today all students and staff of the Science Faculty were invited to have a peak at the new Beta Campus building. The first part of the building is almost done and will be ready to accommodate labs, offices and lecture halls by the start of the new semester. Here are a few first impressions:


This is the main hall, with wooden floors, green doors and a lot of glass. No comparison to the current gloomy (cozy??) tiled corridors.


Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Drug Research will be working side-by-side in the new building.


Impression of the current state. I am not sure if they are foreseeing make-shift coffee corners in hallways in the new facilities. 


The new coffee bar is already in use and I am looking forward to my first lunch break there. 

For all Stats, Maths, Astronomy and Computer Science students: I am sorry, you wont be seeing any swanky new lecture halls for a few years to come. These departments will be housed in another part of the building which is still to be constructed over the next few years.

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