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The “Bloemencorso”: A Dutch Flower Parade


Suddenly you are in the last few weeks of your time in Holland – and you are trying to find a balance between writing your thesis and enjoying the time that you have left as you still also want to foster the friendships that you have gained during your time here and finally experience some Dutch culture for which you’ve never had time … So, as a good friend of mine from studies lives in Sassenheim where I could go to watch the famous “Bloemencorso”, it though was clear that – mhm – I’m busy…

but … yea – I’ll be there! After all I’m living in Holland which is famous for tulips, flowers and all of these things..

It ended up being an amazing event; Petrus, who I asked to provide a tiny bit of sunshine, showed some lenciency and decided to be very nice to us. Overall, it was just impressive; All these flowers making up beautiful characters in combination with high quality music, amazing beers and a truly gezellige round of Dutchies, was fantastic (In the end I also got to show off with the Dutch I’ve learned over the time which made me very proud..). DSC_8173

After being impressed by the parade, we decided that we earned to have a seat and another bierje and in the end we had a great time together. You know, this way you really get to know Holland and the Dutch culture which often gets a bit lost while stressing out about studying. It is about these kind of events, these kinds of afternoons and evenings, when you truly integrate and have your foreign experience.

The following BBQ also rounded up the evening very well and the evening ended with me – the foreigner – knowing the way home back to The Hague better than the driver herself.. (victory at last!)

So, if anybody is in doubt whether to write the thesis on a beautiful spring saturday or enjoy some proper Dutch culture, I can only recommend the latter – especially when it is the bloemencorso (flower parade) around Leiden!

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