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Restaurants’ food to enjoy at home

So, what’s the deal with the new delivery website, Deliveroo?

There is now a new website to order food at home in The Hague. It offers fancier choices than Thuisbezorgd as it only has proper restaurants and nice lunch places. It is really when you feel like having delicious food but it is raining outside or for any other reason, you just want to eat at home. While there are many new restaurants I have never tried on Deliveroo, I can already recommend a few which won’t disappoint you when you don’t feel like cooking. They are all located in the centre of The Hague.


In for Pizza? 

Try FOLLIA DA PORTARE VIA. Their cheapest pizza is naturally the margherita for just 8,50 euros and it goes up to 16 euros. Relatively cheap for a delicious pizza restaurant! Fresh ingredients, homemade dough and baked in a wood oven… The pizzas are so good, you must try it! If you’d rather pick it up yourself, here is the address: Frederikstraat 62.


Feeling Mediterranean? 

Try NEFELI DELI. It has opened a few months ago on Bleijenburg 27. From their moussaka to the spinach pie, everything is great at Nefeli’s. It’s homemade, fresh and the best part is that it is not too expensive for the quantity of food you get. They also happen to have nice desserts. If you have the chance to eat there, it’s even better. They treat you with olives, sweets, nice Greek tea and coffee… in a cute and cozy atmosphere.


Time for Sushi? 

Definitely try ONI. You have all kinds of sushis (maki rolls, nigiri, sashimi, tempura, etc.) and you can order bento boxes for 23,50 euros, which contain 3 different dishes, rice, salad and miso soup. It is a more expensive option that the previous ones but sushis always are, right?


Mexican Night? 

Try KUA MEXICAN KITCHEN. The tacos are delicious and I am sure the enchiladas are too! My only regret with this place is that it is a bit too expensive for the amount of food you get, but it is really good. Located on Torenstraat 77, you can enjoy margaritas and other drinks during the happy hour (50% off) every Tuesday and every Wednesday! This makes it up for the money you spend on the food!


Hope you will enjoy these places as much as I do 🙂 This is a good list to start exploring Deliveroo but I am sure you guys have more restaurants to recommend. Leave a comment to share your favourites 😉

Bon Appetit!

4 comments on “Restaurants’ food to enjoy at home

  1. elrestaurantsite
    February 3, 2017

    Its good that you are provide restaurant food facility at the home also. It looks like too delicious.

  2. bruno
    May 9, 2017

    I love sushi and Mexican food, thank you Chloe.

  3. SanPancho
    July 6, 2017

    Deliveroo is the Best & fast food delivery website in The Hague, Added trusted & food quality hotels here. Sushi best & tasty food item order online. Fast order delivery, I like Deliveroo service.

  4. Rakesh Thakur
    December 9, 2017

    What a Delecious article, I think sushi can be a great option for a food lover.

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