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Summertime in The Hague

Most international students tend to go home at some point during the summer holidays, or travel around a bit. But for those who are still in The Netherlands during the summer, there is no need for despair: even on the rainiest of days, there’s plenty of stuff to do in The Hague! Here are some hidden gems, that you can enjoy by yourself, with friends, or perhaps with family who have come to visit you.

  1. Schollenpop

This free ‒ yes, FREE, you heard that right ‒ annual festival has a great location: Scheveningen beach. With the line-up consisting mostly of Dutch indie bands and pop bands, this is a really fun event to go to if you want to experience something a bit more local. Or, of course, if you just wanna sit in the sand, (hopefully) enjoy the sun and hang out with your friends.


Schollenpop at Scheveningen

2. Omniversum

The biggest theater in The Netherlands, where one becomes truly immersed in the movie due to the shape and format of the screen. Most of the movies shown here are all about nature and animals, but even for those who aren’t particularly interested in either, the experience is still enjoyable by itself. Although the audio is Dutch, you simply need to plug in a pair of headphones to get English audio and you’re ready to go.



3. Pathé beach cinema

Pathé @ The Beach is a new concept where you can relax, have a drink and see a movie in The Hague beach stadium. And not just any boring movie either; this weekend they are showing Finding Dory! Without a doubt one of the great cinematic masterpieces of our generation. Tickets are 15 euros, but it certainly seems like good value for the money.


4. Madestein

This underrated piece of nature is especially beautiful on a sunny day: a stroll though the park or a swim in the lake can be truly lovely, and Madestein is a very relaxed environment. Perfect for those who like to avoid the masses at Scheveningen but who still want to catch some rays.


5. De Parade

De Parade is a theater festival that travels through The Netherlands every year and passes through Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam. As stated on the website, there will be over 100 different theatre, music, and dance performances for all ages, as well as free music festivals, cocktails, soul food, BBQ ‘s and much more. What’s not to like?

De Parade, Den Haag

De Parade, Den Haag

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