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Back to The Hague

When I was still studying and living in Leiden, I received an offer of internship from my favorite international organization in The Hague as well as a housing offer in Scheveningen, which gave me such motivation and energy when I was finishing my thesis and other courses. I said it many times that I loved Leiden so much, but… The Hague is like my second home, and I could not even wait to move back to this city.

– 1. My amazing apartment by the sea –

After a two-week holiday in New York City, I got back in the Netherlands and directly went to check my new apartment. It is right by the Scheveningen beach! My new self-contained room is huge, and the rent is much lower than my teeny-tiny room in Leiden. Bars, restaurants, and supermarkets are all nearby. The only thing that annoyed me a bit was that the previous tenant left a huge mess in the closet, bathroom, and fridge… It took me two days to fully clean it, but no pain no gain, now I have a wonderful room in the rich-people area of The Hague 🙂 Hooray!

– 2. Summer walks at the beach –

Wonder where to get the “hot summer nights, mid-July” as Lana Del Rey sang? It is indeed July, and the weather now is what we (pseudo-) Dutchies call summer. No matter how you might miss the summer back in your home country, forget all about it and let’s have a walk at the Scheveningen Beach! And maybe we can have some tea after the walk at my place. It will be still at the beach 😉

– 3. Shopping –

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I just discovered this beautiful and chic shopping area in Scheveningen at Keizerstraat. Besides the many things you need on a daily basis, there seems to be an open market every Sunday! And look at the flags at Keizerstraat, they perfectly show how international The Hague is. I quite like it.

– 4. *Tears* I really miss Leiden though –

Yesterday I went back to Leiden to pick up something from Leiden University. I suddenly realized that it is such a clean, quiet, and lovely town. I do not know why, but there is always dog poop in The Hague, and on my first day to work I stepped on a fresh trunk of dog poop… I laughed about it as well but it was just not very pleasant to live in a dirty and messy city. (Am I starting to dislike The Hague? I hope not…)

I made a lot of friends in Leiden. I also have a crush on another super cute Leidener (shhh…^_^). Apart from that, you can see how and why I already miss Leiden via this news article: “Leiden has stolen my heart”. Living in The Hague is exciting, but it can drain up your energy and tire you quickly. Leiden has its “natural” beauty; yet, whenever you need something specific, The Hague always does a better job than Leiden in terms of shopping and other services.

– 5. I guess I have to travel back and forth then –

I thought I would not be that busy during my internship, but I was definitely wrong. I took a day off a few days ago, and I *escaped* to Leiden to calm myself down from the craziness at work. It was so nice seeing my old study buddies again; but then, I have also met the amazing colleagues while working, which makes me appreciate the perks of residing in The Hague, too. I guess I have to travel back and forth between Leiden and The Hague then. It feels kind of strange that I am no longer a student per se; however, working can be fun and challenging just like studying. In my next blog post, I am going to talk about my internship in details. Stay tuned, and have a great summer!

– by Xueyan Xing, just graduated from Leiden University (yay)

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