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BAIS Done, What’s Next?

The question: “So what are you gonna do after this?” had been a very intimidating one, in the past that is and luckily not anymore!

I remember this one boat trip we had with three friends (also from BA International Studies) and there we started talking to this girl and telling her all about the course, from the classes we take to the people we take them with and all the other great things.  She had really liked the course and then asked us the question: “So what do you do afterwards?

Silence. All four of us, after having been talking about the course and how amazing it is in such an exciting manner, were now silent. After having looked at each other one by one (as actors do in dramatic scenes of soap operas) we had to admit… We had no clue. Honestly? We didn’t have the slightest idea of what was next once we finished the course and graduated.

One reason for this is that the BA International Studies is very broad, and I mean VERY broad. We learn about economics, politics, culture and history. We learn about all of these subjects within a global context with the theories and real life examples. And as if that’s not already a lot, we also choose a region to specialize in and learn its specific economics, politics, culture and history too. AND we learn a language that is spoken in that region! Thus all of this is pretty cool and really has the potential to create a well-rounded and knowledgeable global citizen out of you.

It also comes with the fact that once the course is over, you can do a lot of things, and I mean A LOT. You could be a diplomat or a journalist, you could work for an NGO or a company or a government or or or… The list goes on.

Thus all of this means that at the end of the day what you end up doing really depends on you and what you make out of all the courses you took and the three years you spent with all sorts of amazing people in an amazing environment. (I don’t mean the climate with that word, that’s a whole other issue!)


Where the path (or in a Dutch scenario, the canal) leads is unknown but at least the skies are blue! 🙂

To give a specific example I’ll tell you my personal experience and what my plans are for the upcoming (academic) year. Once I graduate (in three weeks!), I will be going off to UvA (University of Amsterdam) for a Master’s degree in New Media and Digital Culture. It’s a one year degree after which I am hoping to find an internship or (even better) a job in an international and creative job environment. The international perspective I got from BAIS will certainly be of help to me in the future and I am very excited for that future to come here ASAP!

It has been a long way that involved a lot of research and planning to decide what I will do after BAIS, but finally I have an answer to the question: “What’s  Next?” rather than having a blank expression and a closed mouth. Good things are ahead, I can feel it!

For more examples of what graduates end up doing and where, you can check out this Facebook page and get some ideas, inspiration and hope for the future!

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