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When September Ends

We witnessed the first day of the fall just a couple of days ago, the weather is not sure which way to go yet. The clubs on the beach are closing one by one, soon to be followed by the bars. To top it all up, tonight is the night some of us can enjoy the beautiful “black moon” – a rarity which we will need to wait for entire two years to see again.

But in more practical terms, days are shorter and colder, with more coursework, exams approaching – so what is there around to cheer us up?

What now?….

Well, there are still a couple of very enjoyable activities you can do by yourself or share with friends, but now I will focus on what I would vote for (with two hands!) myself:

Some fun times at an amusement park – or it’s waterslides!! 

With the newly gloomy weather and rain, and the fewer social events one can just unnoticeably turn up to, there are far less obvious things to do in our downtime. So why not do something completely different?

If you like having fun (and I suppose that you do…!) this is the perfect place to go for a day. And I mean – a full day. If you are in a good company you won’t even feel the hours fly by, so let yourself plenty of time to enjoy.

The downhill… well the only part I can think of is that it closes at the end of October so if you see in the forecast a sunny weekday approaching, grab the chance (it is open on weekends as well – obviously – but might get crowded).

the-tikibadThis is the Tikibad – and it is perfect for a rainy day as well. You can buy a separate entry ticket for it. It is around 6 euro but please check on their website ( to be certain before you take off. You can buy the tickets in advance or on the spot – your choice.

Keep in mind that the amusement park part of Duinrell will close for the winter at the end of October – but the pool part (with great waterslides!!) is open all year round.

A home-made dinner

This is also something I like doing – as often as possible. I am not going to go here in detail on what you can make but well, the options are endless. It might not be Christmas (nor Sinterklaas) but a mug of spicy mulled wine can warm you up the chilliest of evenings.


This is also the last day of the first month for some, who just moved to the Netherlands. The fresher’s parties are finished, new friendships are forming – but also the university workload is just about too much to handle. Assignment deadlines will be around the corner in just few short weeks. But before all that is upon us, isn’t it fun to share a meal and some drinks with new and old friends?

Whatever you choose to do, don’t let the rainy weather demotivate you! I usually grab a couple of sweaters (after an uneven fight with a moth or two), and arm myself with a set of mulled wine spices and/or hot chocolate ingredients and warm socks.


Be well, and catch you soon!!

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I moved to Leiden back in 2014 to do my Master's in Asian Studies with Japanese, which is something I am still doing along with many other projects. I have been an international student ever since I started my Bachelor's degree in the UK, and have lived in a bunch of different places, and have met so many lovely and interesting people along the way. I hope in the future I can continue travelling and exploring new ideas and places.

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