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Hotels in Leiden Centrum

Are you planning on visiting Leiden? Or are you already here and your parents are coming over to see you? Here are few comfy hotel suggestions.

As you probably have heard, finding affordable student housing in the Netherlands is a bit of a challenge, especially in Leiden. After looking online for so long I thought it would be easier to find my perfect match once I got here, and it was. Right now, I’m so happy with my room but I in my first couple of days I got to try out some of the hotels in the city as well as my friends couches.

I chose the cheapest option as long as it was in the city center. All that I mention below were at the same price range. Downside of being a solo traveller was that the places usually don’t have many single-bed rooms and finding good deals might be challenging.


The place is recently renovated, super clean and modern. It is almost in the city center. It won’t take you more than five minutes to get to one of the main squares, Beestenmarkt. Also, they have a locked luggage room which is super nice if you arrive before your check in time. But the best thing is that it is right in front of the train station. First time I came to Leiden I had huge luggages and I didn’t even know which exit of the station should I use to go to the city center. Therefore it was extremely relieving to see the big red IBIS sign as soon as I stepped out of the station.


View from the Station Square



2- Best Western City Hotel

Best Western City Hotel is very nice if you want to be right in the city center at a reasonable price. It is not right near the station but it is at a walking distance. When you get in the building, you can feel that it is old, like most buildings in this city, but still its recently redecorated and clean. I chose this place because even though the price was relatively low, they included breakfast and I cannot say no to breakfast 🙂


3- MayFlower Hotel

This was the most central Hotel that I stayed in. Again, close to the station and the center. Not newly redecorated as the other three I’m mentioning but clean. One big plus is that they offer single rooms for solo travellers which makes it easier to find an affordable room. However if you like sleeping in you should keep in mind that this was the hotel with earliest check-out time. Also I was given a room in the first floor and there are no elevators. You might want to ask for a room in the entrance floor if you’re going to come with big luggages as I did.


4-De Doelen – My favorite

De Doelen was my absolute favorite and that is because of the hospitality of the staff. They were very helpful and welcoming. They offered me a room in the entrance floor when they saw I was struggling very much with my bags and offered a locked garage for my bike. Again, this place is right in the city center as well as close to the station. The rooms were also recently renovated in a super modern and comfortable way.

Which one I would choose from the options above? The cheapest 🙂


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