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Reading is Fun at Leiden University: The Law Library (Part 1)

Perhaps the biggest challenge in any well reputed and good ranked university is to cope up with the study load which requires a lot of personal reading. So the reading environment is a crucial matter for any student. For international students, it is one of the biggest challenges they face in the very first month of arriving. As knowledge exchange is an intensive process, you have to be in your comfort zone by ensuring a cozy, comfortable, calm and quiet environment. Also, it is a kind of psychological issue that which comfortable environment attracts you most. Because not all the landscapes and architectures suit your taste, touch your senses and inspire your mentality.

In this aspect, the Leiden University comes up with a variety of library arrangements in order to serve you. I am one of those persons who cannot read at home, although I live in a very nice and comfortable apartment at Hague. I am the one who not only remain seated at the table, but also roams around the library, smells the new and old books, goes for a quick coffee break outside the library and loves the big library halls. So, if you fall into that category, the different well decorated and beautifully structured libraries of Leiden University are one of the best options for you. Today, I will start with a bit description about the Law Library where I spend most of my university times:


What is the best part of Law Library? The big transparent glass roof through which you can see the sky! Yes, you can see the sky, think whatever you like, even you can talk to it. Yes, I might sound crazy, but I often love to talk to sky which is the very good listener of mine. So, after reading couple of lines, you can just lean yourself to cozy chair and start thinking of the contents that the book just provided. And then if there is any question popped up in your mind and you need the clarification, just talk to the sky and you might get your answers back!


The second most attractive thing is the yellow light of the table lamps. I can remember the mystic yellow neon lights coming from street lamps back to my home which I love so much . I don’t know why, I also have the same feeling while reading at Law Library. You may like it also!


Third is the specious, triangle shaped, eco-friendly architecture of the Law Library which gives you such feeling that you are in an open space, not caged in a big hall. If you look at the Law Library from Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw, you will see the library is situated beneath a grass field with a glass dome popping up in the middle. This characteristic has made this library one of the State of the Arts in Netherlands. There is another eco-friendly design also inside the library, but I will not tell you now. You discover it by yourself and write that in the comment section of this blog if you found. So, study and live eco-friendly!

Apart from that, the Law Library comes up with all the necessary services including locker facilities, printing, scanning (it is for free!) and copying, stapler and punching machines, adequate wash rooms and vending machines in the complex etc. which are standard facilities available at all the complexes of Leiden University. So, if you have not visited the Law Library yet, do it now! Here is the link with detailed information about opening hours and other services of the Law Library-

Law Library, Leiden University

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