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Oliebollen – No one can eat just one!

Christmas is coming. You can feel it! You can feel it with gradually temperature decrease, leafs changing their color from yellow-orange-red-brown, spectacular street lighting and the Oliebollen!

Yes, the typical Dutch Oliebollen. It is a kind of dumpling (or one kind of doughnut) which is deep fried and then served coated with powdered sugar. So, primarily a dough is made of white flour, eggs, yeast, some salt, milk, baking powder etc. and then usually raisin (or sometimes  sultanas, currants zest,  succade etc.) is mixed with it. Then the dough is put into hot oil and fried deep. The typical one can be without raisins which I like more. It is a mouthwatering, soft, fluffy, yummy piece of snacks that you definitely do not want to miss! And, I believe no one can eat just one!


Traditionally it is eaten on New Year’s Eve and at funfairs. But during wintertime Oliebollen is sold in the streets at mobile stalls.


Interestingly, this Oliebollen tastes a bit similar to our South Asian Teler Pitha (Rice flour dumpling, mixed with milk, coconut, date juice made Jaggery, and then deeply fried). Seems Oliebollen has made me nostalgic and home sick.


Teler Pitha, picture collected from the Star Weekend Magazine

So, if you find a shop like this in one fine morning, do not forget to enjoy the Dutch Delicacy!

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