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Enjoy December!

There are less than ten (!!!) days left until the end of this year, and I find this very exciting – I am looking forward to a new year with all its challenges. Not to forget all the delicious goodness that the holiday spirit will be accompanied with.

I am planning to leave feeling guilty that I enjoyed food and goodies for early January, when I will also be +5kg of my current weight (based on experience). But those are troubles I will leave Future Me deal with next year.

Today is also the official First Day of the Winter, yay.The picture below is from Delft and I chose it because it was a sunny, beautiful Autumn (oops, winter) day  – I decided to take advantage of that and went for a walk.

boat selfie.png



In the past several weeks I did a fair amount of travelling, some for work and some for leisure. In Part One (you can find it here), I shared with you some things that I found to do around Leiden and The Hague area, as well as some travelling tips, generally outdoor-sy activities.

Today I want to focus on the home-y side of December, the cozy up times, when you just do whatever you feel like doing. And some ideas.


If you want to go and eat out around Christmas (or on Christmas day), well, make sure to have a reservation in place. A coupe of years ago in Leiden several restaurants turned me away, as they had no places… Only managed to get my hands on a Spanish Tapas – which was absolutely delicious, though a little rushed (table was reserved from later), and scarce.


As far as I remember, that same thing applies for the movies – make sure to get tickets in advance, if you want to see a movie in Leiden.

Walk around

Now, you might think you have seen everything… which is clearly not true, unless you also saw this piglet wandering about on the Night of Lights in Delft the other day. Not just anywhere, but in front of a beauty saloon! So, do not forget to stroll around now and then, there might be a surprise…


Study and apply 

Completely not in the Christmas spirit, I am going to still continue my quest for finishing up uni work, and applying for full-time jobs. At least that is the plan.

Are you planning on doing something fun? Or something useful? Maybe both?


As they say, have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!



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I moved to Leiden back in 2014 to do my Master's in Asian Studies with Japanese, which is something I am still doing along with many other projects. I have been an international student ever since I started my Bachelor's degree in the UK, and have lived in a bunch of different places, and have met so many lovely and interesting people along the way. I hope in the future I can continue travelling and exploring new ideas and places.

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