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Packing Tips for Study Abroad

Packing is difficult, especially when you are trying to limit everything you might need in the next few months down to 30 kilos. Here are some tips to make things easier!

1-  Make a list– (and check it before you leave so you don’t forget your glasses 2800 kilometers away as I did*)

When you’re moving your whole life to a new country, you want to bring as much as you can. So, not to skip over anything writing them down helps. I made a whole list with things to buy, things I already had at home, and all the documents that I was supposed to prepare.

Note: there are many lists online that can help you get started!


*Now you can see me at the front rows every lecture :). 

2- Do your research.

Leiden is quite a small city. Even though – in comparison to its size – it has quite a big range of stores it doesn’t have everything. If you’re as picky as me when it comes to your cosmetics you might wanna do some research before you get here.

You can check these websites to see if they sell your favorite shampoo. These are the two big stores that you can find allover the Netherlands. They sell various cosmetic products in general. Plus, they have very good discounts almost everyday!


3 – Use vacuum bags but not for everything. 

Those vacuum bags do create the wonders as promised in the ads! But this doesn’t mean that you should use them for everything. If you’re moving somewhere as cold as the Netherlands you might want to pack lots of sweaters and puffy coats which take up a lot of space. But when you vacuum, you can’t imagine how small they get! I saved a lot up space this way.

However, the vacuumed package becomes rock solid with all the bumps and pointy edges. If you put every piece of clothing in these, you would end up with empty spaces in the luggage. What I did was to only vacuum my sweaters, blanket, scarfs and stuff. I put all of my other clothes around the solid package to avoid any unused precious space.



Here are my luggages right before the flight.

What other tips do you have? Share them in the comments below!

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