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11 Ways To Kick Start Your Semester

With the next semester approaching fast, here are just a few ways you can get a head start.

1. Draft the letter you’ll send your parents in March detailing your plans to quit studying and move to a commune in France. Why give yourself more to deal with in March? You know it will be a busy time.

2. Get a sandwich maker. Don’t spend more than you need on sandwiches, become part of the DIY movement and make your own!

3. Renew your sense of purpose. Allegedly on bonus at Albert Heijn, make sure to buy one including ‘the will to spend another 6 months of your life writing essays you don’t care about’.

4. Buy a new pencil case. A good storage place for pencils makes the world of difference when at university. Don’t be that fool scrambling around for pencils at the bottom of your bag just as a lecture begins

5. Make a spreadsheet of your entire budget for the semester, including the amount of bread you’ll need for your daily sandwiches. This will be an important thing to ruin in your first week back with a crate of beer for a party that no one will pay you back for.

6. Get a haircut. Getting your haircut can give you energy and self-confidence. Put your strongest foot forward.

7. Do all your readings for the whole semester. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it is a great way to take some of the pressure off this semester and give you more time to focus on your friends.

8. Make a list of your friends in order of importance. Keeping track of your social life whilst at university can be difficult. Make your semester easier by making a hierarchically organised list of your friends BEFORE the term starts. This way, whenever you’re feeling uncertain about anything social, you can consult the list. It’s important that you stick to the list once it’s made.   

9. Make your bed.

10. Write personalised letters of appreciation to all of your professors. Writing personal letters of adoration is the new way to show your professors you care, what’s more, to keep pace with your peers it’s crucial that you get on the right side of your teachers early.

11. Define clear goals. Achieve them. Don’t think. Don’t deviate.

These are just a few ideas to get you on the right track this semester. Remember, you can come up with your own. Good luck!

About Greg Frey

A student in my final year at Leiden University College, The Hague. Studying 'Human Diversity', I like books and people and gardens and planets and drinking with my friends. My favourite place in the city is the Nutshuis garden, my favourite food is the biological beer they serve there.

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