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Best Places for Brunch in Leiden

The second semester is now underway, and it’s possible that you’ll have friends and family coming for a visit in the next few months. If you’re still looking for that perfect place for a lazy weekend brunch, here are a few places in Leiden that offer great breakfast options.

Bagels and Beans

If you haven’t tried Bagels and Beans yet, you’re really missing out – they have a great selection of bagels at varying costs, and the coffee is very good too. They offer three different breakfast deals, the cheapest costing only €5.95. For this, you’ll get a coffee or tea, fresh orange juice, and a bagel with strawberry jam and cream cheese. For €3 more you can go for ‘Power breakfast’ – all of the above with a freshly pressed juice of your choosing, hagelslag, ham and cheese. For €10.50 you can go all-out and get wild salmon with your bagel too – but really, the €5.95 breakfast is certainly good enough. You can mix it up and choose your own bagel and cream cheese flavours too, including gluten-free and vegan options.

Cake and coffee in Bagels and Beans.

Van de Leur

You may have passed this place before and not noticed it, located, as it is, within the hustle and bustle of Breestraat. Housed in an old townhouse, the chandeliers and mirrors in the café make for an interesting setting, and Van de Leur’s menu reflects the grand interior. Though the prices are slightly more than average prices, it’s nevertheless great if you want more than a typical café for a special breakfast with family. Their cheapest breakfast deal is €6.50, and comes with fresh juice, a croissant with jam, and toasted bread and cheese. €7.50 will get you the above with a scone, Hagelslag, and cream. Their most expensive option, €15, comes with no less than twelve items (I’ve seen multiple people order this before, it makes for quite a scene). If you’re not into the combinations they’ve selected, most things on the breakfast menu can also be bought separately.

Yoghurt Barn

Take a peek into Yoghurt Barn on a weekend lunchtime and you’ll usually find it packed with groups of girls and families – it’s definitely the sort of place that would find itself on Instagram. But don’t cast it aside yet – if you and your companions have a sweet tooth this is the perfect place for breakfast. Their ‘Barn Breakfast’ is €7.50, and comes with a medium yoghurt of your choosing, croissant or oerbrood (which I’m yet to order but understand is a sort of dark bread with seeds and nuts – Google Translate will tell you it’s ‘primeval bread’ which makes it sound even more interesting), and a coffee, tea or cappuccino. A medium yoghurt alone costs €5.25 normally, so this is a great deal, and there’s plenty of choice so everyone’s bound to be happy. The ‘Choco Caramba’ yoghurt comes with banana, coconut, chocolate chunks, and hazelnut – lekker. If you want something more exotic try ‘Proud Pistachio’: cucumber, olive oil, pistachio and mint.

A delicious (and super sweet) breakfast at Yoghurt Barn.


Not exactly a luxury breakfast, but if you want something quick, easy, and (incredibly) cheap before a day out, Hema’s the place to go. Where else is more Dutch? Go there before 10am and you can get a coffee, orange juice, croissant, jam, and an omelette baguette for €2. TWO EUROS. This will never fail to amaze me.

Naturally, there are plenty of other cafes in Leiden – any of the smaller establishments along the Nieuwe Rijn will have a nice selection of pastries and coffee, and if you need a quick, takeaway breakfast why not grab something from Paris Pain (Breestraat 106) or Mamie Gourmande (Gangetje 14), both traditional French bakeries.



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