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The ISN Cultural Festival is just around the corner!


Gavin Fielding is currently studying his MA in International Relations and frequents the International Student Network events in Leiden.  The ISN International Cultural Festival is coming up and Gavin’s representing Chile.  He’s also got all the intel you need about the event!


On the 12th of May, the much anticipated International Cultural Festival will be taking place at the Scheltema in Leiden.

Organised by the International Student Network (ISN), with the help of international students living and working  in Leiden, the International Cultural Festival is an opportunity to unite the world by showcasing international diversity present in our city.  The yearly celebration has taken place since 2007 in what promises to be an extravaganza of  different culture, foods, drink, music and other forms of creative entertainment!



This year, the theme is ‘A Better World for Tomorrow’. Through increased cultural awareness and appreciation for different traditions, we hope to break down barriers and connect people from different continents, ethnicities and backgrounds. We all have one thing in common: curiosity and love for diverse culture!


Charities and non-governmental organisations, such as Amnesty International and the International Committee of the Red Cross, will also be present promoting their causes. The festival usually attracts around 1.000 visitors and will be subsidised by Gemeente Leiden, SOS Plexus, Fonds 1818, and ISN Leiden.

During the event, representatives from all corners of the globe share their food, dance, music, games, and much more to represent the traditions and history of their home countries. Each country is represented by a team who will decorate their display stand however they like so be prepared to see many creative displays!  A stage will be set up for performances of song, dance, skits, and other kinds of creative entertainment. Also, there will be a special space for workshops on Salsa dancing, Kung Fu, learning how to write your name in another alphabet, traditional dances, yoga and many other fun activities. In the past this event has proven to help bring people from different backgrounds together while also leaving  a lasting memory for all those involved.


As a representative for Chile, I am looking forward to sharing my experiences travelling around this diverse South American country while sharing an empanada or a pisco sour. We may not agree on which Chilean football team is the best (Colo-Colo) but I can certainly try and teach you the strange vocabulary and accent found at the end of the world!

There is no limit to what could be on offer; what might you discover?

All Leiden University students and members of the public are welcome to attend this unique celebration of cultural diversity! See you there and look out for my blog post after the event!

Tickets are €5 on the door or can be bought online.

If you would like more information, please contact ISN or check out the links below:

¬ ISN Cultural Festival:

¬ ISN Leiden:

¬ aftermovie:




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