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A Day Trip to the Oldest City in the Netherlands: Nijmegen

If you’ve been travelling to the cities around Leiden and if you’re looking for something new you can check out the oldest city in the Netherlands. It has been around since the Roman times (for around 2000 years!).

Where to Visit

  • Vaal River Nijmegen doesn’t have any canals but it is next to the river Vaal. Whether it is just for a walk by the beach or for a swim, the Vaal is worth a visit while you’re in the city.


  • MuZIEum 
    • If you want to experience the city in a unique way check out the MuZIEum. This museum offers a city tour where you won’t be able to see anything but you will experience the city with your other senses – hearing, smell, touch and taste.
    • These tours are given by blind or partially sighted guides whom can tell you more about living with sight loss while showing you around the oldest city in the Netherlands.

Where to Eat

  •  For Brunch: Down Town – It’s one of the most popular brunch places in Nijmegen and for good reasons. It offers many tasty and healthy options. Plus, I really enjoy their coffee!
  • For coffee: Philipse Koffie & Brocante – Behind the Medieval St. Stevens Church  you will find this cozy cafe next to a vintage shop. It has a nice cozy atmosphere where you’ll feel like you traveled in time.
  • For lunch & dinner: Pancake Boat – What else is better than a all-you-can eat Pancake buffet? Plus, it’s on the Vaal river!! This is a few-hour-long boat tour on the river where you can enjoy as much as pancake as you want! Tip: join the tour during the sunset for amazing view.

Best time to Visit: Four-Day Marches (Vierdaagse)

Best time to visit the city? It’s during the “Four Day Marches”. With this international event, people walk for 30 to 50 km each day. This largest walking event will be held from 17th of July to the 20th  for the 102nd time this year!!


However, not many of us can walk for that long 🙂 For us, the city also turns into a one big festival, where live music and food-trucks are in every corner!

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