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Finding motivation for writing your thesis (or for any course project)

Last week we entered the fourth quarter of the year and for me that means my thesis deadline is closer than ever. As the weather keeps getting better and better, I’ve been trying to find ways to motivate myself to write more. Here are two things that I found useful!

1 – Finding a favorite study spot

Sometimes when you’re at home it is difficult to focus on work. That may be because you want to join your roommates for a chat or your bed is just too tempting.  For those times, Leiden has a lot to offer in terms of study spaces.

I quite enjoy working at cafes in Leiden. That is because I like munching on snacks while I work and you cannot do that at the university libraries. Yet, if you find the cafes too loud to focus, but you like to eat like me, you can try out the city library. It offers quite and spacious work spaces where you can bring your own food or try out their own cafe, Coffee Star.

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2 – Sharing with others

Thesis is a long process and it may be hard to focus on long term goals while we also have deadlines in the next couple of days or weeks. Thus, it may be helpful to set mid-goals with your supervisor to keep yourself on track.

On the same note, our classmates are working on their thesis as well. To be kept accountable, I talk to my friends about my goals and set deadlines together. Also, when I go to the library or a cafe with a friend I tend to stay much longer studying.

Or for motivation you can put your goal online like I am I doing right now 🙂 My first deadline for myself is the 7th of May!

Do you have other tips for us who are writing their thesis? Let us know in the comments down below!


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