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On Moving Out: Getting Rid of Your Furniture

You’ve finished your study and plan to move out. You own furniture that you need to get rid of in a short period. Here are several options to consider:

1. Sell or offer it to the prospective tenant

The easiest way is to sell or give it for free to the prospective tenant. However, it may not always be that much of a shortcut. In most cases, you need to look for the prospective tenant who will certainly buy or accept your furniture, as landlords/agencies typically require you to leave the room in a clean and empty state. They most likely won’t do the work for you (i.e. searching for a prospective tenant who’ll take over your stuff) even if you give it for free. You can promote your room including a statement that you need someone who’ll take over the furniture as well (See the Facebook links in the next paragraph).

2. Sell or offer it on Facebook and other online platforms

You may want to try selling your stuff or furniture in the following Facebook groups:

For Sale in LeidenLeiden HousingLeiden Swap ShopRooms/Housing & Furniture Leiden UniversityLeiden – BUY / SALE / EXCHANGELeiden for Free.

You may consider Dutch online platforms such as Marktplaats – one of, if not, the largest secondhand stuff online platform in the Netherlands.

Selling them around February or September is likely to give you higher chance of getting rid of them fast. Around these new academic months, there are lots of new comers looking for furniture. If the buyer doesn’t have a car and has to carry big furniture, tell him/her bakfiets are available in most thrift shops for fair hourly rates. Another option is supermarkets’ trolleys. When I first came to Leiden, I met new comers carrying their stuff with a trolley which apparently can be borrowed from your nearest supermarkets e.g. Albert Heijn, Hoogvliet, etc.

3. Ask thrift shops to pick them up for free

You can give away your stuff or furniture for free to thrift shops and most of them are willing to pick them up using their pick-up cars. Contact the shops, explain about your items, and they’ll make an appointment to come to your place. Otherwise, you can bring it yourself to the shops using the bakfiets or trolleys as explained above. Here are some thrift shops in Leiden you can contact:

Vereniging Kringloop Project Leiden – Volmolengracht 13

Kringloopbedrijf Het Warenhuis – Willem Barentszstraat 12

Kringloopwinkel Leiden – Lammenschansweg 141

Het Boedelhuis – Oude Vest 175

Used Products – Hooigracht 88

4. Ask for your friends’ help.

Some suggestions above would require a helping hand…or two. Kindly ask your friends to help you out, and don’t forget to return the favor. 😉

Good luck!



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