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Monthly Nederlands (October edition)

A great thing about living abroad in Holland: the level of English. There are not only a lot of internationals but also most Dutchies are open to switch languages for foreign students. The only downside is, that this makes it very easy for internationals not to learn and use the language that much. Let’s change that – test yourself how much you have learnt in your first week of living and studying in Leiden or The Hague.

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Leuk je te ontmoeten!

Goedemorgen! (khoo-der-mor-khern) – Good morning.

Goedemiddag! (khoo-der-mi-dakh) – Good afternoon.

Goedeavond! (khoo-der-aa-font) – Good evening.

Tot ziens! (toat seens) – See you later.

Dag! (dakh) – Bye.

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Introduce yourself!

Mijn naam is Willem. (Mayn nam is)/ Ik ben Willem. (ik ben) – I am Wilhelm.

Ik ben … jaar oud. (ik ben … yaar aud) – I’m … years old.

Ik kom uit Nederland. (ik kom auid)  – I’m from the Netherlands.

Ik won in Leiden. (ik wown in) – I live in Leiden

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Useful phrases

Alstublieft (als-stuw-bleeft) – Here you are.

Alsjeblieft? (als-yer-bleeft) – Please?

Bedankt! (ber-dahnkt) – Thank you.

Neem me niet kwalijk (naym mer neet kvoa-lerk) / sorry! (sor-ree) – Sorry.


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Useful questions

Spreekt u Engels? (spraykt uw eng-erls) – Do you speak English?

Kunt u mij helpen? (kuhnt uw may hel-pern) – Would you help me please?

Hoeveel kost dat ? (hoo-feyl kost dat) – How much is that?

Waar kan ik de . . . vinden (vaar kan ik der . . . fin-dern) – Where can I find . . .

Kunt u wat langzamer praten? (kuhnt uw vat lankh-sa-mern praatern) – Could you talk a bit slower?

Kunt u dat herhalen? (Kuhnt uw dat her-haa-lern) – Could you repeat that please?

Source (recommended book): Dutch for Dummies


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