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10 Dutch apps every expat in the Netherlands should know

Here something you should know when moving to the Netherlands: no matter how you used to order your favorite pizza, to organize meetings or to sell your old stuff, there is a Dutch App for everything.pexels-photo-267350

Can’t believe it? I bet you didn’t know that Buienradar (AndroidiOS) can tell you everything about the unpredictable Dutch weather,  while Datumprikker  (AndroidiOS) will be your ally when organizing a meeting. Let’s see some other examples!

Too lazy to cook? Here your Dutch best friends

pizza-boxes-358029_1920.jpgBefore ordering a delicious meal through a mainstream delivery service you definitely want to see what’s on Too Good To Go  (AndroidiOS) .  This app will give you amazing offers in restaurants, cafes or fast foods using food that would otherwise be wasted the day after. Cheap, sustainable and delicious!  If this alternative doesn’t satisfy you, consider using  (AndroidiOS) or, for further discounts, Social Deal (AndroidiOS).

Looking for something in particular? Don’t rush on Amazon yet

While of course, you can still order your favorite products through Amazon from the UK or Germany, you will soon discover that in the Netherlands there is a more than valid alternative: (AndroidiOS). This website offers low delivery costs (around 2 euros) that you can cut completely by paying an annual 9 euros fee. Also,  on you will discover Dutch brands that are sometimes harder to find in international websites

However, if you want to stay on a budget (or even if you want to sell some old stuff) you could decide to look for a second-hand alternative instead of buying something brand new. Leiden is full of second-hand shops and Facebook groups are really useful as well, but maybe you didn’t know that many other offers can be found on Marktplaats (AndroidiOS).

Buying groceries in the digital era

visa-3082813__340.jpgOf course, nothing compares to the sunshine over the weekly market in Leiden (or to the free coffee in some supermarkets!) but if you are under exams and you want to save time or money, here some bits of advice for you.

Want to be environmentally conscious and to support a great student project at the same time? Then you may want to check out the Duko Student app(AndroidiOS) . The app will give you discounts on all kinds of sustainable products in many major Dutch cities, like the Hague.

If you want to have your food delivered directly at home (finals week? We have all been there), my advice would be to try a unique made-in-the-Netherlands alternative: Picnic (AndroidiOS). This online supermarket started operating recently in Leiden, delivering food and other goods at affordable prices using sustainable electric cars.

Finally, no matter how much time you spent in the Netherlands, you are already familiar with Albert Heijn. The Appie app (AndroidiOS) not only tells you when your favorite products are on offer but also, through it you can prepare a grocery list from home also calculating how much you are going to spend.

Does your life in the Netherlands seem easier right now? It’s always a matter of knowing a few tricks, right?

Let us know in the comments if you tried these apps and if you have any more tips to share!


3 comments on “10 Dutch apps every expat in the Netherlands should know

  1. Sophie Jorgensen-Rideout
    February 18, 2019

    The Buienradar app is the best! 100% worth downloading, and it’s very accurate too! Definitely saved me from getting rained on during my commute quite a few times…

  2. Lotte Senior
    February 18, 2019

    Great article – Some I have not heard of so will definitely give a go!! The other one that is a must is 9292 for a complete travel planner!

    • Sara Bettinelli
      February 19, 2019

      You are right, 9292 is indeed a game changer! Happy that you like the article, if some other app or website comes to your mind please share it!

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