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Top 3 Places to Study in KOG

Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw, home of the Leiden Law School, might be my favourite university building in Leiden. It is a beautiful blend of classic and modern with well-known brick walls from outside and very-well equipped, way more modern interior design.

Courtesy of SEA

Named after the physicist Mr Onnes who was the first to liquid helium, today I am counting down my 3 favourite places to study in this gorgeous building.

3. The Cafeteria

Not that obvious ha? Yes, the cafeteria! It is as good to study in the afternoon as to have your lunch there. After the lunch crowd disappears, it offers you wide tables and huge windows absorbing all the bright there is out, if you are lucky to have a sunny day. Perfect to have your group project discussions without disturbing anyone or enjoy your snacks or beverages from the vending machines while you are studying.

 2. The Legal (Juridisch) Café

Courtesy of SEA

Welcoming you with the smell of good coffee and a warm ‘Welcome’ sign at entrance, The Legal Café is a blessing to have in a law faculty where, as much cliché it is, many of us crave for coffee to keep up the hard work. Its cosy atmosphere accompanied with the constant mumbling of people chatting in the background is perfect to have a relaxer study when you are bored of studying in the Library all day or want to enjoy a cup of nice coffee.

Bonus: All tea and coffee is for 1EUR before 09.30!

P.s: Don’t forget to get your card stamped for a free cup of coffee for every 10 cups you have.

1. Library

Courtesy of SEA

Yes! As nice as the first two options are, nowhere can take the place of the library in my heart. While the post-modern ceiling gives you the impression of you are studying in a rocket, the tree in the heart of the it keeps you in touch with the world outside. Beware of the nice atmosphere in the evenings when all the library is enlightened with nice lamps which might make you gaze instead of studying.

It still amazes me personally how well designed it is, considering it previously was a green area between the building walls and was transformed into a library later. Curious? You can find pictures of its construction on the walls of the B wing of KOG.

Do you agree with my picks? Let me know in the comments and please share your favourite places in the university to study.

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