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5 Essential Items to Get Through the Semester

The second semester has started quite quickly and it seems even busier than the first one (how is it even possible?)  No need to panic though. Here are 5 essential items you need to keep with you all the time to help you through the semester.

1. Join the Pipe Bottle

Fits perfectly into the water pipes, it offers you a sustainable and environment-friendly way to have your water with you all the time. You can get one from many places like the cafes in KOG and main library as well as some of the vending machines.

It comes in different colours!

2. Lunch Box

With the microwave in the Cafeteria, a useful, microwaveable lunch box is the way to both avoid queues and have healthy lunches on a budget. Need some quick recipe? There are tons of meal-prep videos on Instagram you can cook easily.

3. Bike

I am not sure if it even needs to be mentioned but yes, having your bike locked right outside of the building gives you incredible mobility.  With almost everything in a biking distance in Leiden, it enables you to take most out of your breaks, even the shortest ones to go to a nearby park, supermarket or to simply enjoy nice weather.

My favorite scene is a bike basket full of tullips!

4. Umbrella/Sunglasses

Have you seen the Dutch umbrellas designed to resist against strong wind?

Not sure if it counts as cheating to put two items under one title, but it is impossible to leave one out. If you haven’t become familiar with quickly changeable Dutch weather, the spring will do it for you. So always have your umbrella and sunglasses with you to be able to adjust any weather changes during the day, or even during the same hour. Adopting Mark Twain’s quote to the Netherlands, “If you don’t like the weather now, just wait a few minutes.”

5. LU Card

As nice is the weather is, you will need to study during a substantial amount of your time this semester. So, keep your LU-Card with you all the times in order to access to the libraries and to borrow books. Also note that you might need it to access to some building, such as Wijnhaven in The Hague during the weekends.

Any additions to the list? Let us know in the comments and enjoy your semester!

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