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Exercising in The Hague? New innovation in the fitness world: Part 1

USC stands for University Sports Centre, located in Leiden, where all students have the opportunity to go exercise. However, many of us study and live in The Hague. So that doesn’t seem fair, right?

Just recently, The Beehive Student Centre opened its doors across the Wijnhaven Building, which contains The Buzz or the University Sports Centre The Hague, on the 2nd floor. It also known to be the cheapest gym in the region for students!

2nd floor of The Beehive

Address: Turfmarkt 104, 2511 DC Den Haag

I’m sure most people are familiar with the ‘normal’ gym layout, so let me explain the newly added eGym concept, which sounds a bit more exiting.

I have to mention, that I had no experience with any kinds of gym beforehand. So, eGym as the latest fitness innovation, is the best way to start getting healthier as a beginner. There are some steps to take before fully starting:

Brief overview of the eGym

Step 1: Go to to create an account. After you have done that, look for a membership that suits you, and pay with a credit card.

  • Time block: one month, three months of more (many more options)
  • Choose a location: The Buzz, The Hague or USC Leiden (this however, does not have eGym)

Step 2: Make an appointment for the intake, either by telephone or in person.

Step 3: Go to the intake! If you don’t show up, you are going to be fined 1 euro, however if you cancel before, there will be no charges.

During the intake, which will last about 30 minutes, a trainer will hand you a FREE silicon bracelet with a chip in it, and will show you how to use each eGym equipment, as well as measure your strength on it.

The bracelet: Even though it’s such a small thing, the whole workout relies on this little ‘jewellery’. Remember I said that your strength will be measured? Well this bracelet with the chip will know every information. Every time, before using an equipment, just touch the bracelet to the screen on the machines, and it will automatically adjust everything! How cool is that?

The multifunctional bracelet

Step 4: After your session, download the free eGym app. This is not a ‘must’, but I personally strongly suggest that you do so, since it is a great way to track your progress.

The bracelet, the gym equipment and the app are automatically connected. The app is only useable after the trainer registered you with an email address.

Step 5: Enjoy the easy-to-use and revolutionary gym!

If you have any questions about any of the steps, feel free to ask me, and those of you who have tried it before, also leave a comment, I would love to know how you found it! Part 2 of my personal review and more explanation coming soon!

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