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Part 2 of Food in Leiden: Let’s eat out!

Whether you’re looking for a nice restaurant for a date, somewhere chill to grab food with friends, or need a fancier location for your graduation dinner with family, Leiden definitely has a restaurant to suit you. There’s a great selection of different cuisines and cooking styles available.

Below are my top 5, give them a go and let me know what you think, I’m always on the lookout for more to try.

De Pizzabakker

If you’re craving a proper pizza,  try De Pizzabakker. Their pizzas are fired in a wood-fired pizza oven, and the crust is very tasty because of this. They have a very interesting selection of pizzas and do a seasonal pizza of the month. My favourite pizza in the Spinaci, definitely try it! They also have a very nice selection of wines and beer.

Price: Medium

Good for: Dinner with friends or a date.

It’s impossible to get a picture of a whole pizza as they’re just too tasty.


For a more intimate experience, try Bocconi. They specialise in fresh and authentic pasta, with ravioli, gnocchi and lasagne all on the menu. If you’re a coffee fan this would be a very good place to visit, as they have a special Italian coffee selection, accompanied by hand made Italian pastries, such as cannoli. Their prices are quite reasonable, and it’s best to make a reservation as it gets busy.

Price: Low-Medium

Good for: A date or dinner with a visiting friend.


Try something different at Djebena with Eritrean food. I love this restaurant, the food is incredible, the host is so friendly, and the atmosphere is great. Bring a group of friends and order the sharing dish. This consists of a huge pancake with various meat and vegetable toppings. Eat with your hands and try a bit of everything! The African beers are also fantastic, and make a perfect match to the food.

Price: Low-Medium

Good for: Dinner with friends!


Just finding this photo made me feel hungry! (Source.)

La Bota

La Bota is one of the treasures of Leiden. It has a fantastic atmosphere, both busy and cosy at once! Unfortunately, you can’t book ahead for groups smaller than 6, so either try going earlier or sit at the bar and have a beer while you wait for a table. There’s something for everyone here, I have recently tried both the vegetable lasagne and vegetarian burger, while my friend had the spare ribs. The portions are very large and come with fries. Absolutely delicious!

Price: Low-Medium (this place is seriously good value)

Good for: Dinner with friends or family.


The Waag is worth visiting for the beautiful building alone, with a stunning interior. The food here is also incredible, making excellent use of a charcoal oven and BBQ. This would be a great place for a graduation dinner, as it’s both delicious food and a beautiful setting.

Price: Medium-High

Good for: A fancier dinner, maybe a date or graduation dinner.

Image may contain: food

I don’t know what this is, but it’s so beautiful and I want to eat it very badly. (Source.)

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