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The Road to Leadership: My ILLP Experience- Part 1

Want to do some extracurricular during your masters? Want to meet other ambiguous master students from many different programs? Want to discover your inner tendencies and different styles of leadership? International Leiden Leadership Programme is the perfect opportunity to achieve all these.

As the programme still continues, today I will share my experience so far, hopefully to be continued after completing it. So here are some insights from ILLP.

It is an extracurricular programme under the Honours Academy of Leiden University, designed for talented master students. Thus, you don’t only become a part of the programme but also the Honours Academy and Leiden Honours Community of current students and alumni, able to attend events organized by it. 

What should be noted from the beginning is, it is not one of those leadership trainings on “How to be a good leader?” On the contrary, the content is based on there is no single ‘good leadership’, there are many different leadership styles and it is you who will decide which style is right for you.

Through the programme, with several tests, you discover your own natural tendencies in terms of character and have a clearer idea on your strength and weaknesses. It is precious to be able to think, reflect on and discuss matters you usually do not even think about, such as;

  • Why do I behave the way I behave?
  • What are the motives behind people’s actions?
  • How can I approach a conflict to effectively solve it?
  • Which leadership style is in line with my strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do I interact with people?

It is a group of 25 master students from a large variety of programmes from Universities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam as well as from different nationalities, enabling you to meet with people from quite different backgrounds.

The sessions are held either in a weekday evening from 5 to 9 pm or on Saturdays from 9 am to 6 pm, through February, March and April. During the programme, under the guidance of your personal coach, you are expected to prepare:

  • Self-Evaluation Paper, discussing the results you obtained from tests and how they fit to your life and where you stand currently
  • Personal Leadership Roadmap, determining steps you plan to take in order to further develop yourself both for your strengths and weaknesses and your leadership style of choice
Sessions are held in beautiful Observatory buiding
Courtesy of SEA

Thus, it is quite an intense programme and definitely requires a certain degree of dedication to follow it simultaneously with your studies. However, I personally am happy to be a part of the programme and believe that it contributed to my personal development already, not only for my career but also my personal life.

Do you want to join? Watch out for the information evening during the first semester, which was held in the beginning of November this year. Then, you are to apply via certain documents and go through an interview phase. Also note that the programme has a 200 EUR tuition fee, which also covers the dinners for evening sessions.

The view of Observatory’s garden energizes you through intense sessions
Courtesy of SEA

For more information you may refer to .

As the programme still continues, this is all for now. I will come back after completing it to share my final thoughts on it. What do you think about it?

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