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An outsider experience in Campus the Hague – Part 1

A modern outlook, a spacious design and mostly packed with students… Here it is, the second house of Leiden University, Campus the Hague (Campus Den Haag). I usually prefer to use the name Wijnhaven building though. Here, I will share my observations as a fellow visiting student from Leiden campus.

As to how you arrive there, luckily, the locations of Leiden University campuses are extremely well located both in the Hague and in Leiden. It is thus so easy to access the buildings in the city. Still for the first-timers, take the train from “Leiden Centraal” (intercity or sprinter – sprinter is slower than the former, tricky names…) to “Den Haag Centraal”. It takes only 10-15 minutes to reach the central station in the Hague. Being able to arrive in another city in minutes is one of the facts that still makes me weirdly amazed in the Netherlands.

When you arrive at the central station, it is only three minutes away by walk. Just ask the people to which direction you need to go. Everyone knows where the Campus Den Haag is.

Just two minutes walk away from the central shopping street of the Hague, the Wijnhaven building is located at the heart of the city. Moreover, it is on the same street with a number of ministries and the Municipality of the Hague (Gemeente Den Haag).

Red building on the left side, a ministry. White building on the right side at the end of street, municipality.

As an important point to remember, unlike the premises in Leiden, you need to present your card to access the building. So, make sure that you have your LU card in your pocket when you arrive there!

Wijnhaven is the house of seven constituencies

There are many students from different faculties here. There provides an amazing opportunity to grow your circle with people from numerous backgrounds.

A significant aspect that charms me in Campus Den Haag is its spacious and bright design. I reckon it was done so on purpose. Because Campus Den Haag is composed of only one large building, it would otherwise be susceptible to be overwhelming. Thanks to its design, it prevents the air inside from being suffocating.

For lunch, you can benefit from the resto-cafeteria on the first floor. They even instantly cook delicious woks depending on your choice at a reasonable student-friendly price.

Spacious stair seats are welcoming you in the entrance.

One significant thing that instantly captured my attention is the inside roof garden in the building. It is well suitable to enjoy your sunny afternoon (if you have any) with a delicious cup of coffee which you buy from the cafés located inside the building. Though it looks refreshing and connects you to the outer world, it may also be so tempting to procrastinate for hours. Be careful!

Just awesome

Despite the fact that the building is usually packed with students from different faculties, there are calm places allocated to study. Particularly, the colourful study cabins are my favourite spots there.

Campus the Hague… Your second home…

This is the first part of my impressions as a student not studying in the Campus the Hague. An outsider look may always provide a different perspective. Have you visited Wijnhaven building yet? Share your experiences below! Cheers!

One comment on “An outsider experience in Campus the Hague – Part 1

  1. Stella Xu
    March 24, 2019

    There is another faculty in Den Haag called the Living Lab which is less known, it’s also very pretty and modern, you should check it out!

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