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Halfway Through LLM-2: Sweet Insights 

I shared the bittersweet insides from my LLM journey in my article;

Sun-kissed C Wing of KOG Courtesy of SEA

Halfway Through LLM-1: Bittersweet Insights. But don’t worry, it is not only relatively negative stuff! All those struggles bring an enormous amount of positivity along which at the end makes you say, “It is totally worth it.” Here are the four most important takeaways I gathered from my LLM so far.


Well education

Quality of the education of Leiden University has been affirmed with high rankings it obtained. This is also embodied by the professors lecturing under my programme who are all world class academics renowned in their respective fields. Reading articles of my own professors gives me great joy.

Another indication of a good education is, of course, the alumni. Thanks to the events like Career Café inviting alumni of previous years, I got to chance to see what the alumni of my programme did after graduation. Hearing success stories of people who were on the same path as you are now is highly motivating.



Most people you will meet have been through the same steps as you and went through the same admission process, i.e. successful. If you are in the same programme, it also means that you have shared interests. Perfect chance to make friends or what? The multicultural environment enables you to establish, maybe lifelong, friendships from all over the world and learn about new cultures, as well as law systems in my case.

You can even find love, who knows?





With its beautiful canals and evening views, Leiden still is my favourite Dutch city among quite a few I have seen so far. It is a perfect student city with many students and many internationals. There are always some events going on in the city that you can join. It is location being in the middle of Randstad, lets you explore the area easily. Feeling like home already, after only 6 months, Leiden definitely is a huge plus.

Courtesy of SEA



Lastly, beyond a single city, the country itself is charming, so long as you can bear the weather for a while. It is one of the most welcoming countries in Europe. Dutch people are kind, helpful and, most of all, happy. Being able to handle everything is English is a huge advantage where there are plenty of opportunities for people who don’t speak Dutch. My overall love for the country made me decide to stay here after my graduation.

What are your takeaways from your time in Leiden? Leave a comment and share with us!

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